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The Ultimate Lens Package

Get a second set of lenses FREE when you choose Essilor’s Ultimate Lens Package now through the end of 2017. The Ultimate Lens Package is a set of top notch lens options designed to give you your clearest, most comfortable vision. The Ultimate Lens Package is available for both single vision and multifocal prescriptions, and includes EyeZen or X Series lenses, Transitions, and Sapphire 360. This offer can be combined with insurance discounts. To be eligible, you must purchase a frame for both sets of lenses.

EyeZen or X Series

An excellent pair of glasses requires a well designed lens. EyeZen, a single vision lens, and the X Series, a premium progressive lens, utilize the latest lens technology to give you a more comfortable visual experience at all distances, with particular attention to how we use our eyes at a computer. Both lens designs filter 20% of high energy blue light. EyeZen helps relax the eyes to reduce strain. The X Series improves arms’ length vision for progressive lens wearers, requiring less head movement than older lens designs.


Transitions lenses have a light reactive tint that darkens when they are exposed to UV light.

Sapphire 360

The latest anti-reflective coating from Crizal, Sapphire 360 minimizes reflections from all angles to give you crystal clear, glare free vision and barely visible, picture perfect lenses.

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